Emails & Spam Protection

Protect your business from online threats

Fast, efficient communication is one of the most important tools for running a successful business. While the benefits of email are undeniable, if you’re not adequately protected, you are leaving your business vulnerable to online attacks including spam, phishing, viruses and malware. With Email & Spam Protection from Progressive Technology, your business can enjoy a reliable email system without being exposed to the safety threats associated with email.

Our relationship with the email has changed tremendously over the years. We used to get all excited when our computer would proudly proclaim.. you’ve got mail. And we want to check to see who it is. Well now if you don’t have a good spam filter in place, your computer would be saying you’ve got mail like, a thousand times a day, it will drive you crazy.

For your email solution, you have to have a fantastic Spam strategy as well. We use a spam product we absolutely love. It gives us so much flexibility and so much control and so much visibility into what’s going on.

Who’s sending, who’s receiving, how much, and the thresholds there and we can block people altogether in a way that’s very unique in the industry. So, if you’re receiving a lot of spam that you just don’t like, you probably need to revisit your spam solution. We’ve been with ours for I don’t know.. ten years or something.
Absolutely love it and I’ve never seen anything even close to it as far as what it can accomplish. So, if you’re getting too much mail change it get a new Spam solution.

Don’t let online threats be the downfall of your business. Email & Spam Protection from Progressive Technology assures your email is working to benefit your company, and not leaving you vulnerable to security problems.

By choosing Email & Spam Protection from Progressive Technology you will:

  • Improve email access – with flexible search options and attachment & message archiving
  • Refine business processes – ease the pressure on your server by offloading huge amounts of storage
  • Ensure the security of your email – prevent online threats and safeguard your business
  • Simplify systems – get complete email indexing and easy access to your data

Avoid the threat of online attacks.