Hosted Servers

Hosted Servers

Are you looking for an IT Infrastructure platform that unleashes your business? Do you want to make optimal use of the vast flexibility the Cloud is offering you while at the same time keeping full control over your servers and data?

We offer full Control!

We provide your business with an enterprise class, hosted server environments that are both scalable and secure. Built on industry standard hypervisor technologies to deploy virtual machines, our solutions have the capacity to support multiple guest operating systems.

These fundamental features enable you to power a wide variety of workloads ranging from massive production Servers to extremely dynamic and nimble development servers to small business solutions.

With our “Hosted Servers,” also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), you unleash your business and deliver IT power when, where, or how you need it.

The idea of hosted servers has totally changed the game.

We used to work with the client and project ourselves in the future say five years.

How much space we require, how much RAM do you think you’re going to need, how fast does it have to be and then you have to scrape together the five or ten grand to buy this big monster server that you hope will work and not be over built or under built for that five year period of time and then you wait a couple three weeks for the server to show up and that it takes a week or so to provision and getting going.

Well, fast forward to today hosted environment phone call; New server? No problem, how much RAM?

Okay, we’ll start with that. Twenty minutes later, here are your login credentials.

Boom! Just like that. And, it’s an operational expense not a capital expense and you pay for that which you use you need more space, no problem.

Dial a couple of buttons there and you’ve got more space.

Want to double your RAM? Easy, single reboot now you’ve got it and you’re only paying for it if you use it and if you’ve over bought, you can always dial it back and then you’re only paying for what you’ll be using then too.

So, its a real game changer. Totally cool.

Let us prove to you that our Hosted Servers hold the best stability / cost ratio performance. Our Hosted Servers are delivered for a comprehensive monthly fee that makes your IT more efficient than any standard physical setup could do.

Functionality Included

All of our products and services include user friendly tools to easily configure and deploy desktop environments that run on our state-of-the-art multi-tenant Cloud infrastructure. Users can be easily added or removed based on business needs through a centralized management console.

High Availability and DR included

All of our products and services include a comprehensive set of Disaster Recovery tools! Data image backups are taken every 30 minutes. You have the option to replicate any of your data within the same data center or a secondary data center at a different location. Our Disaster Recovery is the most comprehensive service in the marketplace.

Centralized Management

Our services include an easily configured and deployed Hosted Server environment that runs on our state-of-the-art multi-tenant Cloud infrastructure. Users/Servers can be easily added or removed based on business needs through a centralized management console.

Data Security

With our Hosted Servers any of your data is just that: Yours! All your virtual machines, desktops, and Servers are behind a fully configurable firewall. We guarantee the utmost security from SSAE 16 compliance and 256- bit AES encryption while storing your data on our expandable storage pools.